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Fusion splicer + F.O. stripping tool+ F.O. cutting tool

Ref. 232101

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Fibre Optic Networks. Televes Fusion Splicers.

FUSION SPLICER (Ref. 232101): Three-axis aligning fusion splicer with final verification.
A five inch LCD screen guides the user and allows for the configuration of all the operating parameters. The resulting splices have low insertion loss and virtually no back reflection.

  • Fusion surface verification
  • Fiber distance adjustment
  • Fiber core alignment
  • Splice-loss estimation
  • Small and light package


  • Carrying case with locks.
  • 2 keys.
  • CD with manual of the equipment.
  • Optic fiber cleaver (ref. 2323).
  • Precision stripper (ref. 2324).
  • Power cord and AC/DC adapter.
  • RS-232 cable.
  • Container to hold the rest of chopped fibers or other utensils.
  • Plastic tweezer.
  • Brush for cleaning lenses and mirrors.
  • Cooling tray.
  • Spare set of electrodes (2 electrodes).
  • Protective cover for the LCD screen.
  • Average loss by fusion: 0.02dB (SM) / 0,01dB (MM).
  • Average fusion time: 9s. (standard SM).
  • Average heat time for the heat-shrink sleeve: 30s. (adjustable).
  • Fusion programs: 6 pre-configured programs and 194 prepared to be configured by the user.
  • Point of Light for the fusion (easier to work in the dark areas).
  • Heater to heat-shrink sleeve incorporated.
  • SM (Single-mode)
  • MM (Multi-mode)
  • Outer diameter of standard work ---> 125 μm.
  • Diameter of cladding ---> from 0.2mm to 1.5mm.
  • Cutting fiber length ---> 16mm (Standard)
  • Display: 5” LCD (color).
  • Picture: Shows simultaneously two fibers in X and Y axis.
  • Duration of heating. Cleave angle.
  • Tension TEST
  • Program (Pre-arc power, Pre-arc time, Arc power, Arc time, Forward sped, Forward).
  • Type of Fiber.
  • Method of splicing (Manual mode not available).
  • Maintenance (Cleaning electrodes, old electrode, turn over image, date and time, Arc count information, Arc count clear, Memory, language, RS232).
  • 7 Languages: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean.
  • Saves up to 5000 results of fusions
  • Mains voltage/frequency: 100 - 240V~ / 50 – 60Hz /30W
  • Output voltage/Current: 13,5Vdc / 5A
  • Li-Polymer Battery
  • Temperature: -10 ~ + 50 ° C.
  • Storage: - 40 ° ~ +60 ° C.
  • Relative humidity: <95% RH
  • Dimensions: 180mm (length) x 150mm (width) x 190mm (height).
  • Weight: 3.5kg (with battery).


Additional Infomation
Technical manuals: 
Televes Televes