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RX FO 1550nm (TERR.) / WDM 1310nm (SAT) SC/APC

Ref. 237311

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The system allows the distribution of  the whole contents of a satellite and the whole terrestrial band on a single fibre.

The transmitter (Ref. 237301) receives the signal from an optical LNB (1,310 nm) and mixes it with the terrestrial signal in the 1,550nm window, generating one single optical fibre output. The quality of the conversion makes this the ideal device for scenarios in which the terrestrial band contains multiple muxes.

The receiver (Ref. 237311) separates the 1310nm optical signal, which is delivered to an optical converter that restores the four satellite's band and polarity combinations. It also includes a receiver in the 1550nm window to deliver the  RF signal (DTT).

Neither device requires any adjustments and their installation is extremely simple.


  • Equipped with OLC (Optical Level Control), which automatically the parameters tu provide a constant output level, whatever the channel load
  • High output voltage, low power consumption
  • High sensitivity in1550nm
  • Compatible with optical LNB systems

Main features

  • Ideal for optical LNB installations with a high load of DTT muxes
  • No adjustments required and wide dynamic ranges
  • Test socket and  level display
  • Full bandwidth optical reception
Reference   237311
RF Output
 Bandwidth MHz 47 ... 1006
 Flatness  dB ± 1,5
 Self-regulating output level dBµV 78
 CNR/CSO/CTB  dBµV >49/>60/>60
 Slope dB 5
Optical Input / Output
 Optical input level for OLC  dBm -8 ... +1
 Wavelength nm COM: 1310 & 1490 & 1550 (1)
GPON: 1310 & 1490 (2)
Supply voltage V= 12
 Device internal consumption mA 250
 DC transit through the output mA 450
 Dimensions (xyz) mm 114 x 79 x 30
 Weight  g  250
 IP protection index IP 30

(1) 1310 and 1490nm bidirectional, 1550nm input only.
(2) 1310 and 1490nm bidirectional.

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Product release: 
Televes Televes