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Field meter H30FLEX, ref. 593301, 593302, 593303, 593304

Fri, 29/09/2017
H30FLEX meters - SW 1.23


  • New language: Greek
  • Restore powering options after booting
  • Download of several logs in the same xlsx file
  • Update and extension of the channels plan
  • New logotypes of the DVB standar included


  • Optimization of the turn on/off
  • New translations



There are two ways of updating the firmware of an H30FLEX meter:

Option 1

By using H30FLEX’s web application:

Option 2

By using the USB storage function from the Setup menu:

  • Download the update file from the Televés website and save it into your computer.
  • Switch on the H30FLEX.
  • Click on the Home button to go to the Main Menu.
  • Click on Setup.
  • Select USB storage.
  • Turn USB storage ON.
  • Connect the H30FLEX to the computer using the USB port.
  • Then, you need to look for the unit called H30FLEX in the computer, and open the folder, so you’ll see a folder called Updates.
  • Double-click on the downloaded update file to decompress it. You will see two files. (updater and version).
  • Copy the two files for the update (updater and version) into the Updates folder in the H30FLEX unit.
  • Eject the H30FLEX unit in your computer.
  • In the setup menu → USB storage, select OFF.
  • In the setup menu → Firmware update press OK to confirm.
  • A message will display, indicating the H30FLEX is being updated. Wait for H30FLEX to turn off.
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