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FAQ 136-2002-en

I have 20 modules of the SAT92 series with the audio at 6,50 MHz

but after Astra changed the sound carriers to 7,02 & 7,20 MHz, the modules stopped working.

How do I switch the modules to the new sound carrier?





We can provide you with all the information you need to change the monaural audio subcarrier frequency.

In some satellite TV channels (Eurosport is the typical example), the monaural 6.50 MHz audio subcarrier has been suppressed.

In order to be able to receive the sound in the subcarrier located at 7.xx MHz in the SAT92 Televes units, you need to change the quartz crystal and the filter.
The filter is a narrow band 150 KHz bandwidth (Televes internal reference 136700).

The crystal changes depending on the audio subcarrier frequency that is to be received.

To calculate the quartz crystal frequency, just add 10.700 to the audio subcarrier frequency you want to receive.

For example:

The German language can be found at 7.20 MHz.
Therefore the crystal frequency has to be:

10.700+7.20=17.900 MHz

Carefully follow the diagram below to change this, making sure to place the components in exactly the same position as the previous ones.


  • If the unit is not the same as the one pictured in the diagram or,
  • If you cannot clearly locate the quartz crystal and the filter that need to be substituted, then do not attempt to modify the unit.

Send the unit back to the factory where we can carry out the necessary modifications.

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