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this guide will show you an example of a typical installation using a 60-cm offset antenna pointing towards astra satellite.

this figure represents the main parts of the installation.

next you can see all the elements and tools that you will need to set up the installation properly:

you must find an unobstructed place towards the south in the satellite line orientation. (without houses, trees, …).

a good place could be the roof of your house.

the next step is the antenna orientation:

for fixing the antenna elevation angle,look at the engraved graduated scale and set it to the desired angle you will find in the orientation table provided.

in this example we are using =57┬║ corresponding to coru├▒a city (spain).

fixing the orientation angle

point the antenna, roughly, to the satellite position (“b” angle).

to do it, you must point the dish with its arm looking towards the south, then rotate it roughly the angle indicated in the orientation table towards the east.

the last step is to carry out the proper connections as you can see in the next figure:

you must protect the f-conector in the lnb with the self-amalgamating tape in order to prevent ingress of water.

finally you must read the instructions on your receiver to be able to set it up correct

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