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450 (Sections of 3m.) Upper Red

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Televes behält sich das Recht vor, das Produkt zu modifizieren. Das Produkt kann anders sein als in der Abbildung dargestellt.

Main characteristics:

 Model 450

• Two new types of sections are available: reinforced sections (thicker
lattice and walltube) and slight sections.

• The reinforced sections will be the ones situated in the lower part of
the tower and the light ones will be installed in the higher part. With
this is possible to mount higher towers (up to 81m).

• Ideal to assemble towers of a height of 57 till 81m.

Model 450/550

These sections incorporate some improvements with regard to the
previous range, consisting in:

• New raccor: detachable element that makes the anticorrosive treatment
of the whole section easier, getting a significant increase of the
durability of the tower.

• New lattice: it increases the mechanical resistance to the torsion
and it reduces its weight.

• New distribution of footing:

- Less number of footing for guy-wire.

- Reduction of distance needed between the footing for guywire
and the tower.


References   450
    Normal reinforced
Main stainless steel tubes mm  38x2,6 40x3
Transversal stainless steel rods mm 10 12
Max. height with mast 3m m 81 81
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Televes Televes