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"F" domestic amplifier

"IEC" domestic amplifier

"F" domestic amplifier

5 outputs (4+TV): VHF/UHF

Domestic amplifier with 5 outputs (4+TV) to extend the terrestrial television domestic network.
The TV output provides a lower gain for direct connection to the television set (no outlet installation).

Ref. 5523
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EAN13: 8424450055236
  • Low-impact visual design and limited size
  • Integrated high-performance switched-mode power supply (40% less than a standard amplifier )
  • Fully automated manufacturing subject to the most stringent quality controls

Main features
  • Manual gain control, protected by a folding cover
  • Can be wall-mounted using screws
  • “F” connectors

Inputs 5(4+1TV)
Frequency margin MHz 47...862
Gain G dB 16
(11 @ TV)
Gain adjustment range marg 15
Max.output level DIN 45004B Vout dBμV >102
IMD3 (2tones, -35dB) Vout 109
Noise figure N.F. dB 4
Power supply/Max.
current inputs
ON Vdc/
Mains voltage(frequency V~/Hz 196...253 / 50...60
AC power consumption W/mA 2,3/23
Protection index
IP 20
Operating temperature range
ºC -5 ... +45