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Noise generator


Device for measuring the satellite signal level using an acoustic or visual system.
It consists of an acoustic measurement system emitting a beep which frequency varies with the IF signal level, and a visual measurement system that has a pointer millivoltmeter with a scale where the IF level variations are read.

Ref. 593001
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EAN13: 8424450171080
  • 30-dB attenuated test output and regular output
  • Thumbwheel that allows a 10 ± 2 dB output level variation in both connectors
  • Power LED indicator
  • Connector for the simulator's external powering using a DC adapter
  • Can be powered using a network adapter or from the meter, using an RF cable

Main features
  • Very limited size
  • High-shielding Zamak chassis
  • F connectors

Frecuency range
MHz  5...3000
Maximum output level

dBµV /


 80 ±3 (3 MHz)

20 ±3 (3 MHz)

Output level regulator
dB  0...10
Power supply (external or via coaxial cable) Vdc  12...18
Consumption W  2
Output connector
"F" female