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DAB/DAB+ option

DAB/DAB+ option

4K - Ultra High Definition (UHD) option

4K - Ultra High Definition (UHD) option

Option ISDB-T/Tb

MOSAIQ6 meter

Option that allows incorporating the ISDB-T/Tb digital television standard in MOSAIQ6 meters to adapt their use to territories where this standard applies. By adding this option, the meter will automatically detect parameters related to ISDB-T/Tb: power, C/N, MER, BER ...

In relation to the diagnosis of the signal, it allows to analyze the constellation and visualize the echoes associated with the received signal. Both functionalities will help the installer to identify problems and determine an optimal signal reception quality.

The ISDB-Tb standard incorporates the use of the MPEG-4 (H.264) codec for video compression, so it is possible to visualize the selected channel in the MOSAIQ6.

Ref. 596206
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EAN13: 8424450202692
Main features
  • Modulations: DQPSK, QPSK, 16QAM y 64QAM
  • Power: -100 to 20dBmV (-40 to 80dBµV)
  • C/N: Up to 52dB
  • MER: Up to 40dB
  • Pre-BER: 1e-2 to 1e-6
  • Post-BER: 8,9e-2 to 1e-8
  • Audio codec: HE-AAC