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FMT: Fibredata Monitoring Tool

Management and monitoring of Hospitality infrastructures

Network management platform based on the FCAPS model (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security). It facilitates the monitorization of the equipment in the network, including all the necessary features to offer a complete overview of the network infrastructure regardless of the underlying technology, and centralizing the reception of events.
In addition, this platform provides graphical network status information and an advanced control panel at configuration and maintenance level.
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  • Efficient commissioning and management. Reduces the deployment time and the chances of human errors by automating the configuration process. Allows the massive provisioning of elements so there is no need to configure the elements one by one.
  • High scalability. It can be used in either simple or complex networks and can monitor many different elements. New elements can be progressively added to the monitoring tool.
  • Network status monitorization service that can be used to anticipate any potential problems (preventive maintenance).

Main features
  • Massive configuration of the GPON network elements based in scripts and CSV files. It can be used to change the configuration of the Wi-Fi, SIP extensions, etc.
  • Remote detection of all the elements connected to the network that can be registered in the FMT, classification according to their function and representation in a network diagram so that their monitorization can begin.
  • Extraction of data with regards to the value of the different elements of the Hospitality architecture.
  • Active monitorization of all the network elements, checking at regular intervals the different pieces of equipment and services.
  • Periodic report generation of the network performance evolution over a period of time and storage of logs.
  • Back up of the configuration for all the equipment. The FMT includes a database with all the elements in the network.
  • Schedule updates and configuration of the elements in the GPON network.