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Arantia TV Middleware Business, Interactive TV and IPTV

Arantia TV Middleware Business, Interactive TV and IPTV

Arantia TV Middleware Basic, Up to 1000 users

The server is in charge of the distribution of interactive services to the IPTV devices through a powerful and intuitive interface.
By means of this web-based middleware, the final user will gain access to the configured services*: IP basic television service with channel guide, welcome screen, weather information and language selection.
In addition, this system allows the integration with other entertainment services (ArantiaCast) or informative services (Corporate Channel).

(*) This device does not support licenses for the modification or extension of the services described.

Ref. 83032503
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EAN13: 8424450206386
  • Based on web technology
  • Backend (system administrator mode) with a management tool that allows to:
    • Room and guest management
    • TV/STB configuration
    • Channel list administration
    • Personalization of the welcome message, the main logo and the TV service
    • Statistics visualization like: use of TV service, use of EPG service, time using each service, time spent in each channel...
    • Hotel network and hotel sections configuration
    • Management of other entertainment services included like ArantiaCast system (Casting), Corporate Channel...
  • Frontend (customer facing interface) compatible with the most popular end user devices (TVs and STBs) deployed in Hospitality IPTV projects, that allows the access to:
    • Welcome message: multilanguage text, picture and logo (without PMS integration)
    • EPG: information extracted from broadcaster
    • Weather widget
    • Language configuration
    • Integration with other services like ArantiaCast or Corporate Channel



Hardware Description

Dimensions and Weight
437 x 43 x 368mm
Gross Weight: 6.35kg
Cooling2x Counter-rotating Fans


Power Status LED

HDD Activity LED

Network Activity LEDs

Fan Fail/System Overheat LED

Power Supply Max. 600W
Power Efficiency
Energy performance certification
Storage Temperature-40...70ÂșC
Relative Humidity8%...90% (non condensing)

Welcome message

The welcome message will be shown the first time the client enters the bedroom.
It is possible to define a message in different languages, as well as the main image or the desired logo.

Main menu

The system main menu shows the functionalities activated by the system administrator, allowing the management of each item in layout, size, colour or functionality.


To offer an interface control and total customization, Arantia TV main menu is based on a virtual grid of 4x6 sectors.
Each item created (box+icon+text) can be resized according to the establishment priorities, as well as formatted in text, colour and iconography.

Television and Radio

IPTV services allow the distribution of TV and Radio channels from DTT, satellite, cable or IP sources, enabling all services provided to be incorporated into a single system regardless of the source.
The channel list shows:

  • Numeric location of channel access (number from 1 to XXX).
  • Program name and current broadcast.
  • Channel icon.
The channel information will be displayed on the right side of the screen, showing current broadcast and posterior expanded information (EPG).
In addition, an informative banner is included at the bottom of the screen, where interesting generic messages for the guests could be displayed.

Weather service

The weather service (widget) shows the weather conditions information for the city selected at the Back Office tool with 3-day forecast.
This widget can be included at any point on screen, according to the available main menu layout grid.

Other integrable services (*)

This system allows the integration of other contracted entertainment services, like:

  • ArantiaCast System: professional casting solution that allows guests to transfer their favorite contents from their mobile devices directly to the hotel room TV.
  • Corporate Channel service: through this service, the guests can check the hotel's services, news or promotions at any time.

(*) These services are not included in the Middleware, but must be purchased separately.