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nPVR Server Up to 95 streams, 1TB storage

nPVR Server Up to 95 streams, 1TB storage

nPVR Server Up to 20 streams, 1TB storage

High performance Network Personal Video Recorder (nPVR) Server that enables reliable, flexible and scalable scheduling, storage and sharing of broadcast content recordings with users.
It supports up to 20 concurrent streams with an available storage for contents of 1 TB. In addition, it includes 2 HDD with RAID 1 technology, which means higher data security against possible failures.

Ref. 830401
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EAN13: 8424450253014
  • The service allows the system administrator to schedule IPTV channel recordings and stream them on demand to end user devices
  • Intuitive management tool
  • Easy integration into Arantia TV system
  • Up to 20 concurrent streams supported
  • 2 SAS HDD of 1.2 TB with RAID 1 technology integrated: duplicating system that provides higher data security against failures
  • 8 GB DDR4 2400 MHz RAM
  • Up to 1 TB of content storage, which is equivalent to approximately 500 hours of HD video
  • 19" rack compatible 1U height
  • Device operation LED indicators

CPU number of cores2
CPU speedGHz2.2
RAM typeDDR4
RAM speedMHz2400
Number of HDD2
HDD capacityTB1.2
Storage capacityTB1
Number of Gigabit Ethernet ports (10/100/1000BaseT)2
Number of connectors RJ452
Number of dedicated RJ45 IPMI connectors1
Input voltageVac 100 ... 240
Mains frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Operating temperature°C 5 ... 35
Relative humidity% 8 ... 90

Broadcast content recordings

The Network Personal Video Recording (nPVR) service is designed to collect, store and share content recordings with guests to make their stays more enjoyable. With the nPVR solution, hotel managers will be able to schedule IPTV channel recordings and share them among the guests through an intuitive on-demand platform that they will access from the TV in their room.

Recording library

Within the nPVR service, a catalog of pre-recorded content is included with information associated with each recording: title, poster, description or length of the video. Hotel managers can add programs previously aired on television or other platforms to the catalog, such as sporting events, concerts, shows, award galas… Thanks to its storage up to 1TB, it is possible to add up to 500 hours of video to the catalog so that guests have a wide range of entertainment content during their stay.

An untethered experience

Guests will be able to access the nPVR service without the need to create a user account or enter personal data. The hotel can offer a barrier-free entertainment experience in the guest's room, since the system does not need to request sensitive or compromised information for its correct operation.
And for a complete experience, the service incorporates the option to remember the guest’s session open so that if he/she leaves a video unfinished, he/she can return to the session at any time.

Easy integration into Arantia TV system

The nPVR service is 100% compatible with ArantiaTV platform. In the same way as with other services available on Arantia TV, the establishment can include the nPVR service within its on-demand entertainment offer so that guests can easily access all the content offered from a single platform.