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Universal Modulators

El modulador 5802 es un modulador para cabeceras que necesita ser alimentado mediante una fuente externa; acepta entradas de audio y vídeo y las modula, según la norma, en una FI de 38,9 MHz.

The modulator ref. 5802 is a modulator for headends, powering with an external PSU.
Via an intermediate frequency 38.9 MHz, both audio and video input signals are modulated to any RF channel within the 46 to 862 MHz frequency band. Afterwards, the RF channel is filtered and amplified.

Programmable parameters

  • Frequency or output channel
  • Output level
  • Audio and Video levels
  • A/V carriers ratio
  • Audio subcarrier frequency.
  • Selectionj of 1 or 2 audios
  • Test signal selection
  • Device's address
  • Remote controlled via CDC

Ref. 5857 is a modulator intended for domestic use with a built-in power supply. It features:

  • A unique reference for both VHF and UHF bands
  • Direct selection for output channel by means of an alphanumeric display
  • Generates a test signal
  • Audio can be adjusted
Televes Televes