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Ref. 5544

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Main features
• Transmodulator with slot for CAM module.
• Generates an analogue channel from a scrambled MPEG2 DVBT service.
• The generated channel is single side band, allowing the configuration of adjacent channels within 46 and 862 MHz.
• Generates DVB and teletext subtitles.
• Both local and remote configuration & control capability.
• Monitor menu with quality measures (CBER) of the input signal.

The COFDM-PAL transmodulator with Common Interface allows to:
• Integrate paid-tv services in a free-tv headend, making both free and paid DTT compatible with every television so it is not necessary to replace the analogue TV sets.
• Used in headend for hotels, hospitals, etc... allows to keep the current CRT TV sets already installed.
• Protects of possible robberies of flat TV sets
• Only one remote control, same TV and same channel list than before the analogue switch off. Very suitable in installations where the service is provided to elderly or handicapped people.

References 5544
COFDM demodulator
Input through losses dB 1,2
Input frequency MHz 174-230 / 474-858
(or channel tables)
Frequency steps 1
Locking margin ±3
Input level dBμV 49 to 89
(8k; 64 QAM;FEC 2/3)
Return losses dB >12 (46-862 MHz)
Bandwidth filter SAW MHz 7 - 8 programmable
FFT 2k; 8k
Constellation QPSK; 16QAM; 64 QAM
Guard interval 1/4; 1/8; 1/16; 1/32
Viterbi rate 1/2; 2/3; 3/4; 5/6; 7/8
Max. symbol rate Mbaud 31.67
MPEG Decoder
Input format
Decoding MP@ML
TS input rate Mbps 90 max.
Video rate 1.5 to 15
Video resolution Max. 720x576
Video output composite PAL
RF VSB Output
Output frequency MHz 46-862 (or channel tables
Frequency steps KHz 250
Max. Output level dBμV 80±5
Variable gain dB 15
Return losses 10 min. 14 typ.
Through losses <1.5
Spurious band level dBc 60 typ.
Consumption A (Vdc) 0.7 (5)w/o CAM/0.95 (15)w/CAM
Preamplifier PSU mA 50 (0-12-24Vdc, prog.)
Dimensions mm 35x197x163


Additional Infomation
Technical manuals: 
Televes Televes