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Fusion splicer + F.O. stripping tool+ F.O. cutting tool

Ref. 232101

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Fibre Optic Networks. Televes Fusion Splicers.

FUSION SPLICER (Ref. 232101): Three-axis aligning fusion splicer with final verification.
A five inch LCD screen guides the user and allows for the configuration of all the operating parameters. The resulting splices have low insertion loss and virtually no back reflection.

  • Fusion surface verification
  • Fiber distance adjustment
  • Fiber core alignment
  • Splice-loss estimation
  • Small and light package


  • Carrying case with locks.
  • 2 keys.
  • CD with manual of the equipment.
  • Optic fiber cleaver (ref. 2323).
  • Precision stripper (ref. 2324).
  • Power cord and AC/DC adapter.
  • RS-232 cable.
  • Container to hold the rest of chopped fibers or other utensils.
  • Plastic tweezer.
  • Brush for cleaning lenses and mirrors.
  • Cooling tray.
  • Spare set of electrodes (2 electrodes).
  • Protective cover for the LCD screen.

References 232101
 Average loss by fusion  dB  0,02 (SM) / 0,01 (MM)
 Average fusion time  sg  9 (SM)
 Average heat time for the heat-shrink sleeve  30
 Fusion programs 6 pre-configured programs and 194 prepared to be configured by the user
 Point of Light for the fusion yes
 Heater to heat-shrink sleeve yes
 Outer diameter of standard work μm  125
 Diameter of cladding  mm  0,2-1,5
 Cutting fiber length  16
 LCD  inch  5
 Picture  shows simultaneously two fibers in X and Y axis
 Parameter settings
 Duration of heating yes
  Cleave angle yes
 Tension TEST yes
 Type of fiber yes
 Method of splicing manual mode not available
 Program  pre-arc power, pre-arc time, arc power, arc time, forward sped, forward
 Maintenance  Cleaning electrodes, old electrode, turn over image, date and time, arc count information, arc count clear, memory, language, RS232
 Languages  english, spanish, german, portuguese, russian, chinese, korean
 Datalog memory  5000
 Battery and ac/dc adapter 
 Battery  Li-Polymer
 Mains voltage/frequency  100 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz / 30W
 Output voltage/Current 13,5Vdc / 5A
 Work Environment 
 Temperature   °C -10 ~ +50
 Storage   °C -40 ~ +60
 Relative humidity   RH <95%
 Physical Characteristics 
 Weight (with battery)  Kg  3,5
 Dimensions (length x width x height) mm  180 x 150 x 190

SM (Single-mode)
MM (Multi-mode)

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Televes Televes