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Ref. 144110

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DIGINOVA model (ref.144110/11) is an antenna of low visual impact that, automatically, optimizes the installation. Ideal for facades, balconies and houses. In the 790 version (ref.144140/41) LTE band is filtered out through the design of the antenna.

  • Low consumption.
  • Its protection dome is made of UV high resistant plastic and waterproof (IP 53).
  • Easy installation, either for vertical or horizontal polarisation.
  • BOSSTech adapts itself to the received signal level. When the installer fits it, he does not have to worry about the input level as the antenna guarantees the most adequate output level to the distribution network.
  • No matter the evolution of the number of channels being received. At the antenna output, the spectrum will be: free of intermodulation, noiseless, with the best possible BER and an optimized C/N. The antenna adjusts itself to future channels.


Contents of the Kit:

  • 1 Antenna Diginova (ref. 144111).
  • 1 Domestic amplifier (ref. 5457)
  • 1 "Current injector" for power supply connection. (ref. 7450)
  • 1 Cable reel T-100 (14 meters).
  • 1 Male/Female cable of 1,5 m.
  • 1 Shielded IEC connector.
  • 3 Connectors F-type.
  • 1 Connector cap F.


Reference  144110
 Operating bands FM BIII UHF FM BII UHF
 Gain dBi -2 -2 4...7 0 10 16...19
 Noise figure dBi - - - - <3 <2,5
 Output level  dBµV - - Auto
 Powering voltage  Vdc 0 12...24
 Consumption mA 0 32(12 Vdc)
42(24 Vdc)
 Dimensions(W x H x D) mm 318 x 72 x 346
 Wind load N 69,6(800 N/m²)
95,7(1100 N/m²)
 IP Protection index IP 53
 Wind load Km/h 130 150
N/m2 69,6 95,7


Additional Infomation
Product release: 
Technical manuals: 
Televes Televes