Televes Televes
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Main multiswitch

Ref. 7101

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Multiswitch principal
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References 7101
 No. inputs (SAT) 4
 No. outputs for receivers 4
for cascading 4
for expansion 4
 Frequency range dB 950-2400
 Through losses Receiver output <6
Cascade output <2
Expansion output <1
 Isolation Between inputs 35
High band - Low band 35
 Input return losses 8
 Max. input level dBµV 92
 Max. output level for receiver 89
 Max. DC current consumption for receiver mA 65
 Max. DC bypass current 1200
 Switching selection voltage V/H Vdc 15.5
 Switching voltage selection high band tono 22 KHz
 Selection inputs from extension DiSEqC 1.1
 Max. No. of connected extensions 4
 Max. No. of inputs 16
 LNB powering mode Externa
 Recommended PSU (switched-mode) Vdc/A 18 / 1.2
13 / 0.3
 Dimensions (Wid x Hei x Dep) mm 115x115x33
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Technical manuals: 
Televes Televes