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Ref. 144401

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The OMNINOVA BOSS antenna is an antenna of low visual impact that, automatically, optimizes the installation. Ideal for  vehicles and boats.

  • Low consumption.
  • Incorporates an AM antenna.
  • Watertight dome made of UV high resistant plastic. IP=53.
  • Includes 3 amplifiers, one for each operating band (FM, BI-BIII, UHF) which avoids interferences, minimizing cross-modulation effects.
  • Equipped with rejection-filters for out-band signals like marine telecommunication bands.
  • BOSSTech adapts itself to the received signal level. When the installer fits it, he does not have to worry about the input level as the antenna guarantees the most adequate output level to the distribution network.

Complete kit, includes every element necessary for its installation:

  • 1 Omninova BOSS antenna
  • 1 PSU with amplifier remote control
  • 1 Antenna control module
  • 1 Car lighter adapter
  • 1 Male/Female extension cable (1,5 m)
  • 1 Shielded IEC-type connector
  • 1 F-type connector


Reference 144401
 Polarization Horizontal
 Boss-Tech ON OFF
 Gain Band AM dBi  -1 -1
BI  26 -2
FM  20  -3
BIII  28  -3
UHF  30  -2
 Power Battery   Vdc 11...20
A/C Adaptor Vac 100...240
 Dimensions(W x H x D)  mm   72 x 290 x 325
 Antenna control module and PSU
 Output voltage Vdc  10 8
 Maximum output current mA 100
 Insertion losses typ. dB 1,5
 Protection index IP 20
 Dimensions (Wid x Hei x Dep) mm 145 x 45 x 35


Additional Infomation
Technical manuals: 
Televes Televes