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Ref. 5579

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The QPSK/FM transmodulator can modulate in an FM carrier 88-108 MHz the digital audio stream from a DVB-S transponder.

The DVB channel identifier will be inserted as RDS information.

It can also be used as FM modulator by means of the L & R Audio input on the RJ45  Input conector.

Programmable parameters:

  • Input parameters
  • Output parameters.
  • Remotely controllable via CDC



Reference 5579
 QPSK Demodulator
 LNB powering Vdc Selec. 13/17 OFF
22 KHz (selec. ON/OFF)
 Input loop-through loss dB <1.5
 Input frequency MHz 950...2150
 Frequency steps 1
 PLL Lock margin ±5
 Input level dBµV 44...84
 Return loss dB >7
 Input simbol rate Kbaud 3-45
 Roll-off % 35
 Convolucional code 1/2;2/3;3/4;5/6;7/8
 Block code RS (204;188)
 FM deviation KHz 75
 RDS Freq. Subcarrier KHz 57
 Distorsion % <1
 Isolation dB 35
 RDS encoding EN5007/EBV-SPB490
 Stereo encoding Múltiplex CCIR
 RF Output
 Output frequency range MHz 87.5 ... 108
 Frequency steps KHz 100
 Max. Output level dBµV 75±5
 Output level adjustment dB 15
 Output return loss 14 típica
 Output loop-through loss 1,5
 Output spurious dBc 60 típica
 Consumption mA 5 Vdc: 450 / 15 Vdc: 300
18 VDC: 300
 Dimensions (Wid x Hei x Dep) mm 35x97x63
Additional Infomation
Technical manuals: 
Televes Televes