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Receptor óptico virtual QUAD

Ref. 2351

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 This innovate design stacks both horizontal and vertical l polarities, creating a single IF frequency range of
950 MHz-5,45 GHz. This new single band is then frequency modulated optically and output using a 1310nm
internal to the Optical Output LNB.

Each converter receives the optically modulated frequency stacked signals from the Optical LNB or PON,
typically via a 3mm fibre optic cable, utilising the FC/PC connector.

The optical signals are then converted back to their original IF format and output to the receiver via standard
F connections.

Reference 2351
Input parameters
Frequency range GHz 0,950-5,45
Optical RLR dB 20
Optical power SML PON setting dBm - 13 min./0 max
SMD PON setting - 18 min./-14 max
Nominal transponder dBm - 180 min./-40 max
Output parameters
RF frequency range Horizontal high band MHz 1100-2150
Vertical high band 1100-2150
Horizontal low band 950-1950
Vertical low band 950-1950
Nominal output level/transponder dBm -65 min. / -25 max.
Rejection between outputs dB 30
Out of band spurious level dBm -60
Impedance ohm 75
(only for Quatro version, Twin &
Quad to be powered from STB)
voltage Vdc 12
consumption mA 330 max.
Operating temperature ºC 0 to 50
Connectors DC Input type F Female
Optical output FC/PC


Additional Infomation
Technical manuals: 
Televes Televes