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T.0X controlador CDC IP/GSM

Ref. 555901

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The CDC system



The CDC H/E Manager implements an element with ability to convert Televés headends in a communications center, either through its internal modem GSM/GPRS (Ref. 555901) or via the Ethernet interface for IP communications (Ref 5559 and Ref 555901).

This way, the IP world is enabled to access the control bus of all Televes headends.

• It allows control and monitoring, both locally and remotely, of T.0X headends of Televes, serving as a base platform for the implementation of current and possible future services.

Proprietary hardware platform capable of processing, treating and properly send all the information generated by the diff erent systems of the headend.

• It uses the 32-bit RISC microprocessor. Complete system (System on Chip - SoC), implemented with a microprocessor ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) ARM920T ™ ARM ® Thumb ® Processor.

Operating System (GNU / Linux)

The CDC H/E Manager has the ability to access the external IP world (the Internet) using any of the available technologies, preferably broadband, always-on Internet connection (Always On).

New services oriented to Televés customer, through our Central Server of Links-Services, where you can “centralize” all communications to the end customer.

Allows for easy IP installation, by centralizing the connections.

Plug-and-play IP installation.

Reference  5559 555901
 FIRMWARE  Operating system Linux Kernel 2.6.16
 Bootloader U-boot 1.1.3
 File system jffs2
 HARDWARE  RADIO GSM/GPRS  Frequency  MHz  GSM - 850/900
 DCS - 1800
 PCS - 1900
 Bandwidth  EGSM - 80
 GSM - 150
 DCS - 170
 PCS - 140
Transmission power dBm  GSM - +33
 DCS - +30
 PCS - +30
Sensitivity  GSM - -107
 DCS - -106
PCS - -106
 MEMORY  Flash MB 8
 NAND Flash 128 x 8bit
 CONNECTIONS  USB 2.0 Full Speed Host (12 Mbps)
 RJ45 (1) Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
 RJ45 (2) Programming unit PCT-5.0
 SIM Cards reader
 F - Antenna GSM/GPRS
 GENERAL  Powering voltage Vdc 24
 Consumption mA 300
 Ingress protection IP 20
 Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 50 x 216 x 185 (incl. antenna GPRS in ref. 555901)
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