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CoaxManager User Guide

Description of the application

The CoaxManager application has been developped to allow the user to confi gure, in an easy and intuitive way, the CoaxData 200Mbps-HDTV devices, setting the different operating modes. It also allows to check the state of the installation and the different links between the devices.


  • Allows to confi gure the operating mode of the CoaxData 200Mbps-HDTV coaxial modem.
  • Allows to check the state of an installation establishing the estimate rate between the links set between the different devices.
  • Allows to update the device fi rmware and the confi guration file
  • Allows to set passwords for each network of the system. You can install up to 4 masters (each one with a different password) in the same coaxial network.
  •  Allows to set QoS parameters in the devices.

System requirements

  • This application works with Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • This application requires the installation of the winpcap library ( If this library is not installed, the CoaxManager installer will install this library for you.
  • It is an entirely Plug&Play system. The installation of any driver or additional software is not required.

Installing the Coax Manager application

The Coax Manager application is installed by using an installer that will guide the user during the installation proces.

Language selection: this option selects the language of the installer

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