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"Digital Processing: a technology certified for CATV type B installations"
January 2010


In this new entry post of our popular signal measurement corner, we have decided to focus on a success story. Not only a success story for our H45 meter, but on a broader scope, a tremendous milestone for the Digital Processing technology of its measuring engine.

The story takes us to a far away place in the cold Nordic lands of the European landscape, a land where harsh winter conditions make our fellow telecom installers develop a keen sense for fast and precise measures to get the job done quickly and seek safe coverage... More precisely, the story takes us to Sweden.

As in most countries, the telecom sector in Sweden has formed a professional association of installers that, besides placing a strong emphasis on training and updating its associates on newer technologies, methods and tools to improve their work, it also has one of the most advanced laboratories for equipment certification in Europe. Such classification is based on a series of parameters demanded by each of the television systems available. Amongst them, analog, digital, terrestrial, satellite, cable...

The CANT, as the association is named, divides the installations in two generic types: 


  • Type A: SMATV installations.
  •  Type B: CATV installations.


The most advanced “traditional” field spectrum analysers could receive the type A homologation. Amongst them you will find the meters with most tradition in the market and, of course, the Televes FSM and H45 class.

But, how about CATV type B installations? Well, the requirements for reaching homologation in this category are very restrictive, especially when it comes to the performance of the equipment in the spectrum analyser mode

  • Sweeping times below 300 ms
  • RBW and VBW filters configurable up to 300KHz (with precision +- 1dB between 5-862 MHZ)
  • Stability, precision...


Fig. 1 – Pulsating signal within the return channel captured by the H45 Advance


Figs 2 and 3 – The DIGITAL Resolution and Video Filters may be modified manually according to the user needs.  The range for the configuration values will vary depending on the selected SPAN.

This is why the only meters certified up to this point where specifically designed for such environments, and usually with a very pricey tag.

But that was then...  as you can probably guess by the title of our post.

The H45 Advance has been presented to the CANT and has undergone all the rigorous and arduous test processes required. The end result? Yes, you have guessed, the H45 Advance has fulfilled all the requested specifications and therefore has been listed by the association for certified CATV type B installations.

This success story certainly marks a huge milestone in the world of field spectrum analysers, as the H45 Advance has been the first of its kind to obtain such distinguished honour.

This fact reaffirms the designers of the H45, when the proposal of introducing Digital Processing in a field spectrum analyser of just 2Kg in weight was more than adventurous, at best.  The technology is now beginning to pay off, as professionals around the world are recognising the H45 as an icon of the merge of portability and professional quality. 



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