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 new DAT HD Boss Mix, INTELLIGENT ANTENNA WITH AUTOMATIC SIGNAL ADJUSTMENT IN BIII AND UHF, ref.  149610 / 149611 (English Español). BOSS TECH TECHNOLOGY. Activate the intelligence of your antenna, and its exclusive BOSS-Tech functionality adjusts the output signal automatically to the correct margins, so that you just need to align the antenna.

 new DIGINOVA BOSS - INTELLIGENT RADOMIZED ANTENNA, ref.  144110 / 144111 (English Español). IDEAL FOR DTT AND DAB RECEPTION (UHF AND BIII). The Diginova Boss antenna is the only radomized antenna of low visual impact that, automatically, optimizes the installation.

MATV line amplifier for small and medium distribution networks 47-454 MHz / 470-862 MHz, ref. 537302 (English Español). Low or High Gain selectable by means of a rear switch.

Televes is pleased to announce the launch of the new AUDIO / VIDEO transmitter and receiver, ref. 7367 (English - Español). Quick and easy-to-install solution for access to contents (satellite receiver, set-top box, DVD player, etc..) at any point of the home without running wires.

Televes launches the renovated Towers Mod. 180 & 360, based on a new concept of design and manufacturing, which results in a considerable improvement in its torsional rigidity.

MicroKom Series. Fully configurable amplifiers for CATV applications. The new MicroKom series, composed of a range of amplifiers for CATV distribution in small/medium size buildings, is one step further on the design, flexibility and manufacturing of this kind of products.
FULLY CONFIGURABLE by means of plug-in jumpers with a very intuitive block diagram as support. ( English - Español - Deutsch ).

 Long life aluminium dish, quality signal reception for life. The new QSD line of Televes satellite dishes are launched to market after careful and strict product requirements that guarantee maximum performance against corrosion, resistance to wind and ease of installation. ( English - Español ).

 AVANT HD MATV – 1 OUTPUT. This amplifier is intended for boths ingle and multi-dwelling installations due to its high selectivity filters and capability to balance the output channels. ( English - Español ).

 Distribucion Range. More reliability in less space. Thinking of our customers, and to make their job easier, this new range of products includes the connection system that is known as easyF, a system that shares the advantages of the fast connection of the clamp and the inner contact of the F-type connection.
( English - Español ).

Televes launches the new outdoor optical node, ref. 2310. Optical node intended for FTTB (Fiber-To-The-Building) and FTTC (Fiber-To-The-Curve), a communications architecture in which the final connection to the user is performed by coaxial cable.
( English - Español - Deutsch ).


Televes launches a new domestic modulator for the distribution of A/V signals in analogo format, refs. 5858 & 585801. ( English - Español).

Televés launches to the market a new line of products: PicoKom series.

  • Domestic amplifier PicoKom ref. 5605 ( English - Español).
    This amplifier features a reduced size that makes it suitable to be installed within 100x100 mm standard electrical boxes. On the other hand, it has been designed under the ecological point of view, and that is why its built-in power supply unit is a switched-mode type that ensures a minimum consumption, much less that any low consumption lamp of the market. Preamplifiers connected to the download can be powered enabling voltage to go through by means of a manual switch.
    The best advantage of this amplifier is the ability to compute the channel's charge to be amplifed and then adjust automatically its output level to avoid any kind of further adjustments by the user. In other words, this is a PLUG&PLAY domestic amplifier that shares the same technology BOSSTech used in our well known range of DAT antennas.

  • Switched-mode Power Supply Units ref. 5795&5796 ( English - Español).
    Switched-mode Power Supply Units ref. 5795&5796
    Belonging to the PicoKom product series, these PSUs share a very small size that makes them suitable to be installed within 100x100 mm standard electrical boxes. They feature a high energy efficiency in conjunction wiht the compromise of Televes to contribute to the world's sustainability.
    It is the ideal PSU to either satellite or terrestrial TV installations since it can power MATV devices and detects when a TVSAT receiver is installed in the network in order to power the LNB with the right voltage to select its polarisation. 


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