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TELEVES goes on tour with the television of the future

Mon, 27/04/2009

The ‘HDTV-tour’ will inform technicians and distributors across the whole of Spain about the key technological facts of high definition television (HDTV).

The tour, which starts tomorrow in Ourense, will cover the whole of Spain and Portugal throughout the year.

Internet users will be able to follow the tour via a specific website:

With this initiative, TELEVES confirms its condition as world leader in the development and manufacture of equipment for the reception and distribution of radio-television signals.


Santiago de Compostela, April 27th, 2009. TELEVES has set up the ‘HDTV Tour’, an initiative to take the television of the future to the technicians, distributors and professionals in the sector. For this purpose, the company has prepared a truck equipped with state-of-the art equipment, which will take the high-definition television signal across the whole of Spain, as well as offering information to technicians and professionals on this avant-garde technology and on the tools necessary to manage it.

The TELEVES ‘HDTV Tour’ will make its first stop in Ourense tomorrow, 28th April. In this city, the ‘HDTV Tour’ will be located opposite the warehouse of the electrical and electronic material distributor Ampasa (C/ Río Mao, 39). There, the TELEVES technicians will receive the installers and all those interested in finding out more about the technology that supports high-definition television and the products and solutions developed by the company.

After Ourense, the next stops on the tour will be the Galician towns of O Barco de Valdeorras and Pontevedra, to continue on an extensive route around Portugal, which will start on 4th May in Maia. At the beginning of June, the ‘HDTV Tour’ will set sail to the Canary Islands. The next stop will be Madeira, to return to the Peninsula via Faro. On 29th it will stop in Lisbon and the last stage of the tour on Portuguese soils will be Bragança. It will then return to Galicia to make another four stops (Lugo, Burela, Ferrol and Lalín) and continue its travels to Catalonia, on 20th July. It will follow Baleares, Andalucía, Cantabria, Basque Country, Navarra, Asturias, Murcia, Castilla-La Mancha and Aragón, where it will arrive on 29th November.

During 2010, the TELEVES ‘HDTV Tour’ will cross the Pyrenees into France, Germany, Italy, UK, the Nordic Countries and East Europe.

Collaboration with distributors

The tour will receive the active participation of the extensive TELEVES commercial network, which will have the collaboration of distributors of electrical and electronic material. This way, the ‘HDTV Tour’ will enable the technicians and distributors to not only discover the advantages of high definition television and enjoy its exceptional image and sound quality, but also to become familiar with the technology and the equipment necessary to work with HDTV. In each of the towns that the tour will visit, the TELEVES specialists will contact the local technicians and installers to offer them a unique opportunity to get a closer look at the television of the future.

Among the equipment developed by TELEVES available on the ‘HDTV Tour’ is the new DAT HD aerial, which incorporates ‘intelligent technology’; the H45 portable field strength meter, the first in its class to incorporate digital processing, or the T05 modules, which can be used to configure all kinds of headers with technology specifically developed for HDTV

An initiative that can be followed ‘on line’

The tour can be followed step by step by internet users, via the website, which contains all the information on dates and places planned for each of the stops. Furthermore, the web will offer a small ‘blog’ on the activities carried out in each of the stages.

With the ‘HDTV Tour’, TELEVES reaffirms its policy of proximity and support for installers and distributors, at the same time as it ratifies the company’s commitment to high definition as the format for the television of the future. The company is convinced that the generalisation of HDTV is not far away, and that this new format will lead to a new way of enjoying television which was unheard of until now, as a result of the huge improvement in quality it offers.

In this way, TELEVES remains loyal to what have been two of its identifying traits throughout its life: active participation in all large international initiatives in order to make progress in radio-television technology, and the commitment to make these technologies accessible to all homes.

A business model based on the technological development

TELEVES is a global company, leader in design and development of telecommunications products, systems and services for home and related sectors. It heads up a group of technological companies and it is settled in more than 80 countries; it has 20 affiliates in industrial and services sectors and more than 800 employees.

The international vocation, the technical support and training policy to the market and the strong commitment of investigation, research and development are some of the secrets of its success. TELEVES believes in the sustainable development and in keeping the manufacturing of its products in its own facilities. This way, the company products have the ‘European technology manufactured in Europe’ hallmark, synonym of quality and technological vanguard.


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