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TELEVES presents the DAT HD, the first ‘intelligent’ antenna for DTT and the future High Definition Television (HDTV)

Tue, 26/05/2009

* The new antenna incorporates the revolutionary BOSS Tech (Balance Output Signal System), which automatically adjusts the output signal. * The DAT HD has been presented as a world exclusive at ANGA Cable.


Cologne (Germany), 26th May 2009. Televes has presented at the ANGA Cable show, today, its new DAT HD, the first ‘intelligent’ antenna developed specifically for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and the future High Definition Television (HDTV).
With this new antenna, which has become one of the great attractions on the Televes stand (B-30) at ANGA Cable, the Spanish multinational confirms its position as world leader in the technological development of antennas and equipment for the reception, amplification, measuring and distribution of the radio-television signal.
The DAT HD is a real technological milestone. It has been developed by taking into account the particular characteristics of the digital signal, in order to make the most of its full potential and to guarantee reception in optimum conditions of high definition television (HDTV).
The element that makes the DAT HD a truly revolutionary antenna is the BOSS Tech (Balanced Output Signal System), technology developed and patented by Televes which enables the output signal level to be regulated automatically. In this way, the DAT HD has become a real “intelligent” antenna.
“The DAT HD is Televes’ answer to the complex technical challenges that have been posed by the digital signal until now. In this way, it guarantees maximum quality not only for current television, but also for the future high-definition television (HDTV)”, said Manuel Martínez, Commercial General Manager of the Spanish multinational. “With the DAT HD, Televes reaffirms its commitment to place the best technology at the service of the professionals and to the benefit of all television users”, Martínez added.
Besides the revolutionary BOSS Tech, the new Televes antenna incorporates other technological solutions which are also world exclusives:
* The angular stacking of the aerial directors has a novel asymmetrical design which provides an unbeatable radiation pattern against clutter, the true ‘enemy’ of digital reception.
* All the innovative electronics of the DAT HD are fully armoured, which means that impulse noise is drastically reduced. This leads to a better ratio against aerial noise on the UHF band.  Its electronic design also achieves a better elimination of interference bands (GSM). In this way, it optimises the gain to better support the signal imbalances on the antenna and improve the signal/noise ratio across the whole band.
* The antenna’s dipole has a new design which optimises the signal reception range. It is a revolutionary design with which we can no longer speak of open or closed dipole: The DAT HD accepts both configurations, which equips it with a large bandwidth with optimum gain.
* The elements of the BOSS Tech and the dipole of the DAT HD are earth connected. This design conception, which is inedited in a domestic antenna, makes it electromagnetically immune and makes the DAT HD the securest aerial on the market.

The new antenna has been presented at ANGA Cable, the European congress and show of reference in the sector, which is taking place in Cologne (Germany) from 26th to 28th May. At this forum, the Televes stand (B-30) has become a large showcase at the service of professionals on the present and future of television, under the slogan “European Technology Made in Europe”.
The launch of the DAT HD is backed by a large international marketing campaign which will make intensive use of the new technologies to reach over 90 countries world-wide in which Televés has a commercial presence. The campaign includes the development of a specific website:


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