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Can tides stop you watching TV?

Tue, 09/03/2010

Televes rewards best solutions for incidents with DTT reception signal.

The overall winner of the international ‘1,000 antennas, 1,000 solutions’ competition documented the incidence of marine flow in the intensity of the digital terrestrial television signal in coastal areas and how the DAT HD BOSS antenna manages to solve this problem, ensuring optimum picture and sound quality.

The three major awards went to projects presented by installers in Spain, France and Italy.

Santiago de Compostela, 9th March 2010. Three reports drawn up by professional installers from Marbella (Spain), Manche (France) and Verona (Italy) won the international 1,000 antennas, 1,000 solutions, competition, called by Televes to reward the most brilliant solutions for incidents with digital terrestrial television (DTT) reception.

The three winners presented detailed reports on the technical solutions implemented in particularly complex environments to obtain perfect DTT signal reception. In all cases, the key element is the Televes DAT HD BOSS antenna.

Thus, Pedro Córdoba Osta, from A.I.T. Marbella, won first prize for an excellent technical document that establishes the impact of tides on signal fading in coastal areas, and how the DAT HD BOSS aerial is the best solution for mitigating this effect, thereby ensuring perfect picture and sound quality.

The second prize was awarded to French installer Guillaume Francois, from the town of Conde-sur-Viré, in the Manche department, who documented an installation in a shed with serious reception and coverage problems together with signal bouncing. With the DAT HD BOSS antenna achieved a perfectly stable output signal. One key to this was the active dipole the aerial is equipped with and which, according to the author of the report, “is most effective because it allows for the controlled amplification of the channels with significant improvement in the MER and the consequent resetting of a clean and stable signal”.

Andrea Gasparini, from the Italian company Television System, located in Verona, won third prize for documenting in his report a very complex catering installation. In this case, the DAT HD BOSS antenna greatly simplified distribution work through the positive performance of the BOSS Tech device, and the excellent directivity of the aerial in an area where pointing is crucial.

Televes will soon present the awards to the three winners: Advance version, Compact HD and Compact H45 field meters. The Televes H45 is the first device of its kind to incorporate digital processing, and is thus a significant advantage for installers in terms of speed and precision when carrying out their work.

A brilliant response to the competition

The international 1,000 antennas 1,000 solutions competition was called by Televes last September to reward the best solutions for incidents related to digital terrestrial television. The call resulted in a large number of entries. Technicians and professional installers from all the major markets where the company sells products for the DTT signal reception responded to the call by sending their reports via the DAT HD BOSS aerial web site ( Italy, France, Sweden, Greece, the United Kingdom and Spain were the countries that sent in most entries. In addition to quantity, we could also highlight the excellent average quality of the reports received.

Throughout the month of January, the first 1,000 technicians to send in their reports were rewarded with an DAT HD BOSS antenna, the first intelligent antenna, specifically developed for current DTT and for the future high-definition television (HDTV). The competition came to an end with the jury’s decision on the reports for the top three prizes.

All installation professionals who have used the new Televés DAT HD BOSS antenna as part of a technical solution for the best DTT reception were eligible to take part in the 1,000 antennas 1,000 solutions competition. This initiative reaffirms the company’s commitment to be permanently alongside prefessional installers, providing them with the best technology and the technical support they need to handle it.

About Televes

Televes is a leading global company, focused in the design, development and manufacture of systems and products associated with telecommunications services for the home, and specialised in broadcast, reception and measurement of the radio-television signal. The company’s headquarters are located in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), where the company was founded in 1958.

At present, Televes is the head of a Corporation of technological firms with a commercial presence in over 80 countries. It has 20 industrial and services subsidiaries, over 800 employees and 53 european patents.Over its more than 50 years of history, Televes has played a vital role in the decision making processes that have defined the telecommunications sector. Televes has been a numbered member of the Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) project since 1995, closely collaborating with the goal of developing the standards of the new digital television.



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