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Televes to exhibit commitment to excellence in Europe on ‘Passion for Quality’ tour

Thu, 14/10/2010

Santiago de Compostela, 14th October 2010. Televes has launched an international tour aimed at increasing brand awareness in key European markets, highlighting the values underlying the company’s leadership: technological development, professional proximity and support, an international vocation and above all, excellence in manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment related to household telecommunications services, especially for the receipt and distribution of radio-television signals. All this is reflected in the slogan used as the name for the tour: ‘Passion for Quality’.

The tour visits the major European markets in which Televes has a growing presence, and Germany is the country chosen for the first stage. The tour started on 24 September in the city of Oldenburg and is currently on its way through the country.

At each stage demonstrations addressed to distributors and professional telecommunications installers are performed, in order to show them the corporate keys which have positioned Televes as a benchmark industry in Europe.

The undisputed star of the ‘Passion for Quality’ tour is the new Televes mobile unit, a real show-room on wheels, fully equipped and prepared for presentations and meetings with all amenities.

A format of proven success

The ‘Passion for Quality’ tour benefits from the experience gained by Televes on its successful ‘HDTV Tour’. This initiative, launched in April 2009, continues to run after having reaped great success over the 60,000 kilometres it has travelled in six countries: Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Italy, where it is currently to be found.

“Compared to the ‘HDTV Tour’, whose objectives were highly focused on product presentation directly linked to digital terrestrial television (DTT) and high definition (HD), the ‘Passion for Quality’ tour is more geared towards strengthening our corporate reputation and Televes brand recognition, linking it to values that play a key role in our leadership, such as technological avant-garde and manufacturing excellence, ideas which include our slogan ‘European Technology Made in Europe’. The success we are reaping on the ‘HDTV Tour’ made us decide to keep many elements of the format, improving issues such as the range and comfort of the mobile unit, better guided towards this tour format”, pointed out Sergio Martín, Televes Corporation Head of Communications.

Regarding the choice of Germany as the opening stage for the tour, the company has opted for this country as it is one of the markets considered strategic in the short and medium term for international expansion. “We are making a major effort to position the Televes brand in Germany, and the ‘Passion for Quality’ tour will be an important element to support this strategy”, said Sergio Martín.

A business model based on technological development

Televes is a global leading company in the design and development of telecommunications products, systems and services for households and related sectors. Head of a group of technology companies, Televes is currently present in over 80 countries; it has 20 manufacturing and service subsidiaries and over 800 employees.

Among the keys to the success of its business model are its international vocation, its training policy and technical support for the market and its strong commitment to research, development and innovation (R+D+i). Televes is committed to sustainable development and preserving not only the development of its products but also manufacturing in their own facilities. Products made by the company based in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) are therefore stamped ‘European technology made in Europe’, as synonymous with cutting edge technology and quality.

The Passion for Quality tour in Germany (October – November 2010)

Date Location
15/10/2010 Bad Waldsee
23/10/2010 – 24/10/2010 Augsburg
 Neu Wulmstorf

Televes Passion for Quality mobile unit

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