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The television of the future arrives in France thanks to the HDTV Tour

Tue, 02/02/2010

The mobile educational unit Televes is using to provide European technicians and installers with the technological foundations of high definition television will visit ten French cities during the month of February

This initiative has already been active for nine months and has visited approximately 100 cities in four different countries: Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom and Ireland

With the HDTV Tour, Televés confirms its worldwide leadership in the development and manufacture of radio-television signal reception and distribution units

Santiago de Compostela, 2nd February 2010. After nine months on the road, more than 30,000 kilometres behind us, one hundred cities visited in four different countries and more than 2,000 visitors, the Televés HDTV Tour is about to arrive in France.

The mobile unit aimed at providing European technicians and installers with the technological foundations of high definition television (HDTV) will stop in France for the first time tomorrow, February 3rd, namely in Perpignan. This will be the kick-off for a 10-city tour, which will take place during the month of February (please see below for a comprehensive tour calendar).

On each of the stops, the HDTV Tour will show how to capture the high-definition signal from the satellite, how to measure the different parameters involved and how to process it so that it reaches the screen in the best possible conditions, thus totally profiting from the exceptional image and sound quality offered by this technology. These technical presentations will be conducted using units and equipment developed and marketed by Televés, such as the DAT HD BOSS antenna, which includes intelligent technology, the H45 field meter, the first of its kind to include digital processing or the T05 modules, with which all types of opening sequences can be prepared with technology that has been specifically conceived for HDTV.

Success in four countries

During its visit to France, the Televés HDTV Tour hopes to garner the same success it got in the countries it has already been to: Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom and Ireland. In these four countries, the Televés mobile educational unit has been visited by a great number of technicians, installers and distributors, as well as teachers and students from universities and vocational training centres. It should not be forgotten that this initiative offers a unique opportunity to learn about the possibilities of high definition television, the actual TV of future, as well as to become acquainted with its technological foundations.

The tour can also be followed, step by step, by internet users by simply logging into , which includes all the information regarding scheduled dates and venues for each of the stops. Furthermore, the website offers detailed accounts and pictures of the activities conducted on each of the stops left behind.

With the HDTV Tour, Televés reaffirms its policy whereby the company aims at becoming closer to and supporting installers and distributors, while insisting on the company’s bet on high definition as the television format of the future. Thus, Televés remains faithful to its two defining features throughout its career: an active involvement in all the great international initiatives seeking technological progress in radio and television and the commitment to rendering these technologies accessible to all households.

Televés: a business model based on technological development

Televés ( is a leading global company specialised in the design and development of telecommunication products, systems and services for household and related sectors. On the lead of a series of technological companies, Televés is presently working in more than 80 countries; it has more than 20 industrial and service-related subsidiary companies and more than 800 employees.

Among the reasons for the success of its business model, we may include its international view and its constant support to training and the provision of technical support to the market, while fostering research, development and innovation. Televés supports sustainable development and, beyond the development of its own products, tries to manufacture them in its own facilities. Thus, the products released by the company always bear the seal of European technology manufactured in Europe, as a guarantee of technological and quality avant-garde.

The HDTV Tour in France, February 2009

Date Time City Place
Miércoles, 3-2-2010 10-16h Perpiñán

7 rue Chasselas 66000 PERPIGNAN

Jueves, 4-2-2010 10-16h Aviñón

Route de Marseille Parc Hotelier de La Cristole 84145 AVIGNON

Viernes, 5-2-2010 10-13h Aviñón

Route de Marseille Parc Hotelier de La Cristole 84145 AVIGNON

Lunes, 8-2-2010 10-16h Lyon

130, rue Jules Guesde 69310 Pierre-Bénite

Martes, 9-2-2010 10-13h Lyon

130, rue Jules Guesde 69310 Pierre-Bénite

Miércoles, 10-2-2010 10-16h Mulhouse

Ile Napoleon RN 422 68390 SAUSHEIM

Jueves, 11-2-2010 10-15:30h Nancy

2 Rue du Vair  54520 LAXOU

Viernes, 12-2-2010 10-16h París

2 rue Mondétour    94656 RUNGIS

Lunes, 15-2-2010 10-16h Lille

2 route de Beaumont 62950 NOYELLES GODAULT

Martes, 16-2-2010 15-18h Caen

5, Rue de la Vigne – ZI Ouest – 14650 Carpiquet

Miércoles, 17-2-2010 10-16h Caen

5, Rue de la Vigne – ZI Ouest – 14650 Carpiquet

Jueves, 18-2-2010 10-16h Nantes

15 rue du Bois Briand 44300 NANTES

Viernes, 19-2-2010 10-16h Burdeos

95 avenue J F Kennedy 33700 MERIGNAC


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