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Groupe Canal+ France chooses Televes for the distribution of its TV channels in hotels

Televes has been selected by Groupe Canal+ in France as a provider of T.0X DVBS2-DVBT headends for CANALPRO, intended for hospitality markets in France (hotels, hospitals, correctional facilities, sports centers, etc.). This equipment is utilized to distribute the specific television channels that CANALPRO offers its customers in this sector.

Televes headends will offer innovative functionalities. They will be able to adapt automatically to changes in the satellite channels schedule, and can be managed and programmed remotely, leading to the enhancement of services offered by Groupe Canal+, as well as a reduction of maintenance costs.

The choice of Televes as a provider for Groupe Canal+ was made possible after a long process, in which the operator has valued parameters such as technological development and manufacturing capacities, strict quality controls at every stage of the production chain, and the strength of the Televes international profile, with extensive field experience and over 75,000 T.0X modules installed worldwide.

Santiago Rey, general manager of Televes Corporation, has shown his satisfaction upon the signature of the deal with the leading group of pay television in France. Rey stressed that "Televes accumulate good experience in this type of international agreements that demand the best of our abilities. The confidence of Groupe Canal+ in France is an important support for the development of our French subsidiary and will boost its growth in the coming years. It is also recognition of the values that distinguish the Televes brand worldwide, as a developer and manufacturer of leading-edge technologies in the field of telecommunications in buildings and homes".

About Televes

Televes is a leading global company focusing on the design, development and manufacture of systems and products associated with telecommunications services for the home, and specialising in reception and broadcast of television signals. The company’s headquarters are located in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), where the company was founded in 1958. At present, Televes is the head of a Corporation formed by 20 subsidiaries (technological, industrial or commercial), near 700 employees and 53 invention patents.

Televes has ten international subsidiaries in Portugal, France, UK, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, UAE, China and USA, and distributes its products to more than one hundred countries on five continents through an extensive network of distributors. Throughout its 58 years of experience, Televes has launched more than 1,500 different products, an achievement that is understood from the company´s real “passion for manufacturing”. The company produces at its own facilities to ensure the highest quality. To achieve this, it has been a pioneer in the implementation of Industry 4.0 and has its own testing and quality control laboratories. Therefore, the brand’s products proudly display the "European Technology Made in Europe" stamp.