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Pedro Córdoba, winner of the contest 1,000 antennas 1,000 solutions: The DAT HD BOSS offers a great advantage to the installer”

The French installer Guillaume Francois and the Italian Andrea Gasparini received second and third prize, respectively, at the international event organised by Televes to reward the best solutions to incidences related to digital terrestrial television reception.

 Santiago de Compostela, 2nd June 2010. Manuel Martínez, Televes’ Sales General Manager, has presented Pedro Córdoba Osta, of A.I.T. Marbella, the prize as the overall winner of the international contest 1,000 antennas, 1,000 solutions. This contest was organised by the company to reward the best solutions to incidences in digital terrestrial television (DTT) reception.

The award ceremony and the presentation of the prize, an H45 Advance portable field strength meter (valued at over 4,000 euros) were held at Televes’ headquarters, in Santiago de Compostela. The event also received the participation of Manuel Parajuá, Televes’ National Sales Manager, and Sergio Martín, Communications Manager of the company.

Pedro Córdoba was the winner of the contest because of his thorough study of the incidences of the tides on the fading of the antenna’s terrestrial signal reception in coastal areas, and how the DAT HD BOSS antenna achieves better mitigation of this effect, thus guaranteeing perfect image and sound quality. “Due to its capacity to automatically offer a stable output signal level, whatever the input signal, the DAT HD BOSS offers a great advantage to the installer”, Córdoba indicated after receiving his prize. The fact of the matter is he has benefited from this advantage on numerous occasions, because, as Pedro Córdoba indicated, in the area where he carries out his work, in the South of Spain, oscillations of up to 15 or 20 dB are recorded.

The report presented by Pedro Córdoba was rated as “magnificent” by Manuel Martínez, who pointed out that the DAT HD BOSS was designed with the objective of being the best antenna on the market, and highlighted that it is a “global” product, as the company commercialises it in all markets in which it is present, over 80 countries across the five continents. Televes’ Sales General Manager defined the antenna as the result of the “manufacturing vocation” and “the passion with which Televes tackles its projects”.

Before receiving his prize as winner of the contest 1,000 antennas, 1,000 solutions, Pedro Córdoba went on an extensive visit around Televes’ facilities, at the end of which he said to be “very impressed”, highlighting aspects such as the automation of the manufacturing processes and the quality controls.

Second prize for France and third for Italy

For his part, Juan Virel, Managing Director of Televes France, awarded Guillaume Francois, professional installer of the town of Condé-sur-Viré, in the region of Manche, with the second prize of the contest, consisting of a H45 Compact HD portable field strength meter, valued at 3,000 euros. Guillaume Francois obtained the award for his work which documents an installation in a shed with serious problems for reception, coverage and signal bouncing.

In the same way, Andrea Gasparini, from the company Television System, located in Verona, received by the hand of Hugo Botas, Managing Director of Televes Italy, the third prize of the contest 1,000 antennas, 1,000 solutions, for his study on a complex hotel installation in which the DAT HD BOSS antenna is the main element. Gasparni received the prize of a H45 Compact, valued at 2,550 euros.

Commitment to the professionals

In the contest 1,000 antennas, 1,000 solutions participation was allowed by all those installation professionals who have used the Televes DAT HD BOSS antenna as part of a technical solution to obtain the best DTT reception. This initiative reaffirms the company’s commitment to be permanently along side the installation professionals, offering them the best technology and technical support necessary to manage it.

Organised last September, participation in the event has been a great success. Professional technicians and installers from the main markets in which Televes commercialises products for DTT reception responded to the call. Italy, France, Sweden, Greece, United Kingdom and Spain were the countries from which the highest number of entries was received. 

Sergio Martín, Responsable de Comunicación; Manuel Parajuá, Director Comercial Nacional;  Pedro Córdoba Osta, ganador del primer premio del concurso 1.000 antenas, 1.000 soluciones, y Manuel Martínez, Director General Comercial de Televés, en la entrega del galardón, en Santiago de Compostela.

Juan Virel, director gerente de Televés Francia (izquierda), entrega a Guillaume François su H45 Compact HD como ganador del segundo premio del concurso 1.000 antenas, 1.000 soluciones.

Andrea Gasparini (a la izquierda) recibe de Hugo Botas, director gerente de Televés Italia, el tercer premio del certamen.