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The television of the future tour returns to Portugal with leading-edge solutions for professionals

Second stage of HDTV Tour in the country to visit 17 cities.

Televes’ initiative to bring keys of digital and high definition television to technicians and distributors from all over Europe now celebrating first anniversary.

The HDTV Tour has travelled over 30,000 kilometres and welcomed over 3,000 visitors in over a hundred cities in five countries.

Santiago de Compostela, 31st May 2010. After over a year’s touring, travelling over 30,000 km, visiting more than a hundred cities and receiving over 3,000 visitors in five different countries, the Televes HDTV Tour is back in Portugal.

The second stage in the country started on 21 May in Viana do Castelo and comes to an end on 7 July in Guarda. It will stop in 15 other cities, thus making a complete tour of Portugal. This time, the mobile unit designed to bring the technological keys of digital and high definition television (HDTV) to telecommunications technicians, installers and students from all over Europe has reinforced its content, with the aim of presenting professionals with Televes’ wide range of advanced technical solutions.

Technicians and specialists from the HDTV Tour will thus focus their technical demonstrations on the reception of the MPEG_4 digital terrestrial signal; ITED / ITUR measurements and registration using for this purpose H45 portable field meters (with HD modules and fibre optics); the full compatibility of Televes products with the new requirements of the ITED and ITUR manuals, and the calculation of installations with CAST60 ITED software. In the mobile unit professionals will also be able to verify high technology and the benefits of the AVANT5, AVANT3 and DTKom series amplifiers, as well as T05 headends, Class A/3G coaxial cable and 5250 global intake.

Success in five countries

On its new visit to Portugal, the HDTV Tour hopes to achieve the same success obtained on its previous visit to the country (which was exactly a year ago) as well as in the other four countries visited: Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland. In addition, the HDTV Tour mobile unit was also present at the ANGA Cable 2010 fair, held in Cologne from 4 to 6 May.

The tour can also be followed, step by step, by internet users by simply logging into , which includes all the information regarding scheduled dates and venues for each of the stops. Furthermore, the website offers detailed accounts and pictures of the activities conducted on each of the stops left behind.

With the HDTV Tour, Televés reaffirms its policy whereby the company aims at becoming closer to and supporting installers and distributors, while insisting on the company’s bet on high definition as the television format of the future. Thus, Televés remains faithful to its two defining features throughout its career: an active involvement in all the great international initiatives seeking technological progress in radio and television and the commitment to rendering these technologies accessible to all households.

Televes: a business model based on technological development

Televes is a leading global company, focused in the design, development and manufacture of systems and products associated with telecommunications services for the home, and specialised in broadcast, reception and measurement of the radio-television signal. The company is headquartered in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), where it was founded in 1958. At present, Televes is the head of a Corporation of technological firms with a commercial presence in over 80 countries. It has 20 industrial and services subsidiaries, nearly 800 employees and more than 200 Industrial Property registers (European Patents, National Patents, Utility Models, etc.).

Over its more than 50 years of history, Televes has played a vital role in the decision making processes that have defined the telecommunications sector. Televes has been a numbered member of the Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) project since 1995, closely collaborating with the goal of developing the standards of the new digital television.

HDTV Tour in Portugal (May – July 2010)

Date Timetable Town Address
21-5-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Viana do Castelo Campo Sra. da Agonia
25-5-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Santarém Santarém Hotel. Av. Madre Andaluz
26-5-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Leiria Estádio de Leiria. Av. Bernardo Pimenta
27-5-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Coimbra Estádio de Coimbra. Rua D. Manuel I
1-6-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Porto Hotel Porto Tryp. Rotunda da Exponor
6-2-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Braga Hotel Turismo de Braga. Praceta João XXI
8-6-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Aveiro Centro de Congressos. Cais da Fonte Nova
9-6-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Viseu Hotel Principe Perfeito. Bairro da Misericordia, Cabanões
15-6-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Évora Évora Hotel. Avenida Túlio Espanca
16-6-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Palmela ATEC. Quinta da Marqueza
17-6-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Lisboa VIP Executive Santa Iria. E.N. 10, nº1260
22-6-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Faro Centro de Pormaçao Profissional de Faro. Sítio do Areal Gordo
23-6-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Portimâo  
29-6-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Bragança Hotel Sâo Lazaro. Av. Cidade de Zamora
30-6-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Vila Real Hotel Miracorgo. Avenida 1º de Maio, 76
6-7-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Castelo Branco NERCAB. Av. do Empresário
7-7-2010 9:30 a 16:00 h Guarda Instituto do Emprego e Formaçâo Profissional. Avenida do Estádio Municipal