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FAQ 137-2002-en

I just bought a satellite receiver type RSD 7255.

It is working perfectly, and I get both Astra and Hotbird.

However I bought an Astra receiver because as I am of Dutch origin, I wanted to receive all the Dutch programs: Netherlands 1, 2 and 3, as well as RTL4, and eventually some more.

But these programs are scrambled!

I emailed Astra, and they tell me that I have to buy a Dutch receiver with a smartcard.


How can I put a Dutch smartcard into your receiver?

Do you have any other suggestions as to how I could receive these Dutch programs?


Televes sells two different types of digital receivers.
The one you have bought, RSD 7255, will let you to receive free-to-air digital satellite television only.

If you want to watch Pay-TV you need a digital satellite receiver with Common Interface, for example ref.7254.

To be able to receive Pay-TV channels you will need a CI (Common Interface) module and a smartcard from the service provider of your choice (the service provider is the distributor of the channels).

CI modules and smartcards are licensed to service providers.

If you are subscribing to services from more than one service provider, you might have to change between different smartcards, or even different CI modules.

If you do not insert a CI module, you only will watch free-to-air TV channels.

The CI module is inserted into the slot behind the lid in the front panel of the receiver.
The smartcard must be inserted into the slot of the CI module.

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