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FAQ 179-2002-en

How do I modify my SAT100 receiver from PAL B/G to PAL I?


One aspect that you need to consider is:

  • The output of the RF modulator for the I standard requires a spacing between the video - audio carriers of 6 MHz, instead of the 5.5 MHz of PAL B/G.
  • Therefore an additional modification in the hardware for PAL I is necessary:
    • There are three components between pins 17 & 18 of the IC TDA5666-5:
      • C26,
      • R10
      • l1 variable coil.
    • There is a 100k resistence at pin 16 followed by a "T" that consists of two resistors:
      • R201
      • R202. (table)
      • l3 has to be adjusted to obtain the 6 MHz spacing between the video and audio.

  • This can be carried out by using the field strength meter to measure the 6 MHz video & audio carrier frequency spacing .
    • Never use the spectrum analyzer for this.
    • The frequency accuracy of the FSM is much better.
    • For SAT100 receivers, the video/audio ratio is fixed.

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