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FAQ 87-2002-en

How can a decoder be connected to a satellite receiver in a communal installation?



Both SAT100 and Star2000 units are able to obtain the audio and video signals of the tuned channel in their corresponding connectors.

In a normal situation, without a decoder, these audio/video outputs are internally bridged to the modulator audio/video inputs.

To open this bridge a +12 Vdc voltage must be inserted into the corresponding connector pin:

SAT100 pin 6

  1. Programmer power supply. internal/external (+12v) A/V switching output level
  2. Audio output programmer
  3. Video output
  4. Programmer
  5. Internal/external (+12v) A/V switching input level
  6. Video input
  7. Audio input

Star2000: pin 3

  1. Audio output
  2. +12v output/ subcarriers
  3. Internal/external audio/video switching input
  4. Video input
  5. Audio input
  6. Ground
  7. Video output

There are some decoders that provide this "switching voltage" .

If you do not know which decoder generates this tension, Televes has prepared some special leads that provide a connection between the decoder and the corresponding unit, and that have internal circuitry to open the loop.

These decoder leads are:

  • Ref. 7353 for SAT100
  • Ref. 7425 for Star2000
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