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Treatment and handling of fiber optic pigtails


Cleaning connectors is paramount in the installation of fiber optics. This work involves a risk that depends on both the method used and the skill of the installer. The only way to check if the job is done
properly, is by the use of a microscope to visualize the core of the fiber and also by a test signal on the network.
Cleaning connectors must be taken into account in the whole installation activity, from the connections of the network itself
to the use of measurement devices. All these elements are provided with optical connectors which are susceptible to be damaged by debris.
The usual methods for cleaning fiber connectors are isopropyl alcohol swabs, pen cleaning, cleaning tape reels and the adhesive tape.
With all these methods it must follow a stringent procedure because they do not always ensure proper cleaning and also can damage the fiber.

Isopropyl alcohol wipes: They may leave stains in the fiber if the alcohol is not dried properly.

Cleaning pen: most often they leave residual dirt when the yarn used for cleaning is nearing completion.

Cleaning tape reel: if not in perfect working order, can incorporate dust spots that scratch the fiber.


Despite all cautions, there are cases in which the environment where it is performed the installation can also be a source of problems in the transmission of light, as in the case of moist environments with condensation

The images shown are made with a microscope where it can be evaluated the dirt on the nucleous.
When so, the optical losses are such that clearly cause failures in the transmission.
Although no method discussed so far can ensure proper cleaning of the
connectorsyou always have to choose one of them to mitigate the effects of dirt and therefore improve the conditions of transmission. With this article, we hope to have provided the installer more selection criteria to perform a good job

Hélder Martins
Training Manager

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