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mounting tv or radio antennas in the loft can be a good option due to the degree of protection against the atmospheric conditions as snow, ice, wind, etc.

nevertheless they are subject to a number of disadvantages that must be taken into account.

let us comment different aspects related with this type of installations.

  • protection against aggressive weather elements under this particular point of view it is a worthy solution.
    • weather conditions in the seaside areas are really strong and damage both the antennas and their supports thus reducing the operating life of these elements.
    • in some countries where these conditions are quite normal but the tv/radio signal levels are rather high, this solution is very popular.
    • other times, local planning restrictions lead installers to adopt this type of mounting.
    • televes aerials are made of aluminium, therefore they are immune to most of the weather strengths.
    • on the other hand, the bracketry is especially treated with a so-called rpr (reactive protection coating) that increases their resistance against corrosion. no doubt that if in addition these antennas are installed in the loft, their operating life is forever.
  • signal level in the antenna

anyhow, this solution is not applicable where the tv/radio signals are rather weak.

as a matter of fact, there are several factors that make not suitable this type of installation:

    • the roof and its structure bring to bear an effect of tv/radio signals shielding and this might make impossible the reception of any tv/radio programme.
    • this is especially important when dealing with tv digital signals.
    • the cliff effect must be overcome at any time since beyond this point no picture can be seen in the tv screen.
    • this is not the case as analogue signals since they deteriorate progressively but maintaining a visible picture.
    • concerning the radio reception, everybody knows that a weak signal will impede the reception of stereo programmes and cause hissing.

  • not only the roof acts as a disturbing element
    • most of the times loft spaces are used to store metallic objects which can corrupt the tv/radio signals, e.g. water tanks, tables, electrical cables, pipes and other pieces of junk.
    • all these elements, together with the ones of the neighbours, can obstruct and reflect the tv signal.
    • even though the digital tv is immune to signal reflections, the analogue signal is not.
      this signal will be affected by echoes due to reflections of the signal and will produce ghosting on the tv screen.

  • regarding the radio signal, do not forget that signal reflections will produce distortion and harsh noise.
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