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FK24 Multi-fibre Cable Single-Mode

FK24 Multi-fibre Cable Single-Mode

FK48 Multi-fibre Cable Single-Mode

48 fibres, Dca Euroclass and UV-resistant LSFH, indoor/outdoor

48-fibre cable with UV-resistant LSFH sheath for indoor and outdoor installation. Divided in 6 micro-modules of 8 fibres each, each with its own LSFH sheath and different colour. This provides a better organization and makes identification easier.

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Ref. 231714 Provided in custom reels (by meter).
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  • Dca-s2,d2,a1 Euroclass
  • Low attenuation
  • Organized in fibre micro-modules
  • Blocking jelly, offering great protection against water
  • Good structure reinforcement using aramid fibers (kevlar), which allows to maintain its traction without the need for a central guiding wire for resistance

Main features
  • 9/125, ITU-T G.657A2 fibre type
  • Coating diameter adapted to the fibre: 250 μm
  • Ripcord to open the outer sheath
  • UV-resistant LSFH sheath, orange colour

Euroclass: Smoke Productions2
Euroclass: Flaming dropletsd2
Euroclass: Aciditya1
Fiber core typeITU-T-G657A2
Fiber core diameterμm9
Fiber cladding diameterμm125
Coating buffer diameterμm250
Cable structureLoose tube
Plastic buffer diametermm1.1
Outer sheath Diametermm7.6
Outer sheath MaterialLSFH, UV-resistant
Blocking jellyYes
Attenuation 1310nmdB/km < 0.4
Attenuation 1490nmdB/km < 0.4
Attenuation 1550nmdB/km < 0.3
Short tensionN1000
Short crush (@100mm)N1000
Long crush (@100mm)N750
Minimum bending radiusmm76
Operating temperature°C -5 ... 60