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Splitting Terminal Enclosure

Splitting Terminal Enclosure

Multioperator Enclosure

Multioperator Enclosure

Main Terminal Enclosure

Up to 48 female-female adapters

Designed to work as a distribution point for optical fibre cables. Commonly used in FTTH projects, where it simplifies the interconnection between the user's network and the operator's network (typical RITI installation).

Ref. 233002
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EAN13: 8424450184257
  • Made of lacquered steel
  • Independent compartments with door and lock, separated by a panel of up to 48 SC/APC adapters
  • Equipped with 2 inputs at the bottom for operators and 5 outputs at the top for the building backbone
  • Manufactured in Europe

Main features
  • Grey colour (RAL 7035)
  • A folding tray holder allows working with the fibre trays in the horizontal position
  • 4 independent folding FO trays (book format), with enough capacity to stow up to 12 splices each
  • Equipped with 2 metal anchors to hold the main core elements, as provided by the FO cables
  • Includes a PG29 stuffing gland, prepared for an FO cable with 17mm maximum diameter (48 fibres)
  • Includes 4 PG16 stuffing glands, prepared for an FO cables with 8mm maximum diameter (24/12 and 2 fibres)
  • Equipped with 2 access rubbers, 50mm-diameter each