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FC Female – FC Female Adapter

FC Female – FC Female Adapter

20 V-1.2 A power supply

20 V-1.2 A power supply

FC Female – SC Female Adapter

Simplex Single-mode

Adapter that allows the transformation of an FC optical connector into an SC optical connector and vice versa. It also allows the interconnection of two optical connectors with different mechanics; however, it is recommended that they both have the same finish.
Compatible with single-mode (SM) fibers.
Ref. 2356
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EAN13: 8424450142707
  • Low insertion losses and high reliability
  • Installation by means of “clip” (built-in), or fixing screws (not incorporated)
  • It avoids false contacts, as well as occasional disconnections

Main features
  • Metallic body, mechanically resistant to impact or corrosion
  • Metallic colour
  • It incorporates removable cap to protect the inside of the connector
  • Supplied in 5-unit boxes


What is a fiber optic adapter and what does the colour indicate?

A fibre optic adapter is used to join two optical connectors by aligning the fibres present in the adapter and/or connector. Each end of an adapter can be either male or female.

Female adapters normally face the connectors and align their fibres, so they are not normally specific to a particular polish, but the user can decide the type of polish that connects the ends. The colour of a female adapter does not require the use of a specific fibre type and polish, but it is advisable to respect it to easily identify the type of fibre connected.

The male adapters include a ceramic or plastic ferrule that protects and aligns the fibre as it is inserted into the female end. This ferrule is polished and the user should ensure that the polish on the other end is compatible. The colour of a male adapter identifies the type of fibre and polish.

To ensure a link with the lowest possible light loss, it is imperative that the two fibres that are connected to the adapter have a compatible polish:

  • The APC (Angle Physical Contact) polish has an 8° angle cut, and is only compatible with other APC polishes.
  • The PC (Physical contact) polish has a convex cut, and is compatible with other convex polishes, such as PC and also UPC.
  • The UPC (Ultra Physical contact) polish has a convex cut, thinner than PC, and is therefore compatible with both PC and UPC polishes.

The colour of the adapter helps to identify at a glance the type of fibre and the polish of the connected fibre, and manufacturers usually follow the following recommendations:

  • Green: Single-mode (SM) fibres with APC polish.
  • Blue:Single-mode (SM) fibres with PC or UPC polishing.
  • Beige: multimode (MM) fibres, no polish identified.

At Televés we follow this recommendation to facilitate the installation and maintenance of fibre networks and to avoid possible confusion in the connectorisation.

Optical connector type 1FC
Polishing type (Optical connector 1)PC
Optical connector type 2SC
Polishing type (Optical connector 2)PC
Fiber typeSingle-Mode
Insertion lossesdB0.2
Return lossesdB50
Operating temperature°C -40 ... 80
ColourMatte Inox