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Optimized optical LNB kit, equipped with an ODU32 converter

Optimized optical LNB kit, equipped with an ODU32 converter

Optical LNB kit, equipped with an ODU32 converter

DAB/UHF/SAT, 2 outputs: 1550 nm, Po 8 dBm

Kit consisting of an optimized LNB with an RF output containing all the satellite services in the 950 MHz-5450 MHz band. The ODU32 converter's satellite input receives the LRF signal from the LNB; it is also equipped with a second input for terrestrial signal (47 MHz -862 MHz) mixing. Provides 2 outputs in the 1550 nm window, with 8 dBm optical power.
The kit also includes:
  • Converter power supply, with Jack, EU and UK plugs
  • Special 2 m and 50 Ohm coaxial cable with an N connector for the plugging of both the LNB and the converter
  • Mounting-base for the converter to be mounted on a mast or any other type of support
  • Accessories such as clamps and covers
Ref. 236810
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EAN13: 8424450185117
  • Allows long-distance (km) signal transmission
  • Optimized LNB (staked): converts the 4 universal SAT bands into a single RF output
  • Up to 64 clients
  • Terrestrial signal conversion and mixing

Main features
  • FC/PC optical connectors, F-type connectors for RF

Technical specifications
Input frequency GHz V. Pol 0.95 - 3.0
H. Pol 3.4 - 5.45
Nominal impedance Ω 50
Minimum return loss dB 9
Input power from the LNB dBμV 96 - 111
Gain variation across dB V. Pol 4
H. Pol 7 (with a 3dB
upward slope)
Gain ripple (per 30MHz
bandwidth segment)
dB 1
Minimum AGC Range dB 15
Noise fi gure (Max gain) dB 12
Minimum OIP3 dBμV 129
Minimum 47-862MHz Rejection dB 20
Input frequency MHz 47-862
Nominal impedance Ω 75
Return loss dB 10
Input power dBμV 1 Mux Min 70
Max 95
4 Mux Max 90
8 Mux Max 85
Nominal gain (Max. gain set) dB 45
Nominal gain (Min. gain set) dB 15
Maximum gain variation across DTT band dB 4
Gain ripple (per 8MHz bandwidth segment) dB 0.5
AGC Range dB 25
Noise fi gure (Max gain) dB 10
Minimum OIP3 dBμV 134
950-2150 MHz Rejection dB 20
Converter RF to FO, power supply V= 20 by “F” type connector
LNB supply voltage V= 6.2 ± 0.2 by “F” type connector
Terrestrial supply voltage
(80 mA max.)
V= 11 ± 0.5 by “F” type connector
Current consumption
(LNB Including)
mA < 500
Operating temperature ranges ºC -10 ... 50
Storage temperature ranges -30 ... 60
Optical output connector Type FC/PC
Satellite input connector Type “N” Female
Power supply connector Type “F”
Output power dBm 8
Wavelenght nm 1550 ± 20