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FTTH optical receiver with 4 RF-output

FTTH optical receiver with 4 RF-output

FTTH optical transmitter equipped with OLC technology

1310/1550nm, Po 6dBm

The complete satellite and DTT lineup in a single optical fibre

The FTTH transmitter receives one RF terrestrial signal (DTT from one headend) and one optical signal (1310 nm from an optical LNB) as inputs. The device converts DTT into optical (1550 nm) and multiplexes it with the satellite input to provide one single optical fibre output (1310 nm/1550 nm) with all the contents.
Part of FULL SAT + DTT system, to be used together with the FTTH receiver (ref. 237320).
Ref. 237301
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EAN13: 8424450187098
  • High conversion quality: perfect for scenarios where the terrestrial band carries a high number of channels
  • The OLC (Optical Level Control) technology automatically adjusts the parameters to achieve a constant output level, irrespective of the channel load
  • Wide dynamic ranges

Main features
  • Compatible with legacy and dCSS multiswitches
  • High-shielding Zamak chassis
  • Can be wall-mounted using screws
  • SC/APC and FC/PC optical connectors, and F-type connectors for RF

Reference   237301
RF parameters
 Bandwidth MHz 47 ... 2200
 Flatness  dB  ± 0,75 (47-1200MHz)
 ± 2,5 (47-1200MHz)
 Input level dBµV 79 (47-1200MHz) 42ch CENELEC
95 (950-2200MHz) DIB-VDE 0855/12
 CNR/CSO/CTB  dBµV >51/>60/>65
Optical output
 Laser Tipo MQW-DBF
 Output power  dBm  +6
 Wavelength nm 1550
 Supply voltage V~ 99...253
 Maximum  power  W 4
 Max. current consumption mA 75 (99V) / 40 (253V)
 Dimensions (xyz) mm 185 x 80 x 35
 Weight  g  400
 IP protection index IP 30