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T12 single-channel amplifier

T12 single-channel amplifier

T12-selective single-channel amplifier

T12-selective single-channel amplifier

T12 single-channel/multi-channel amplifier

UHF (DTT): 470...862 MHz

Modular amplifier allowing the adjustment of individual UHF channels (DTT). Each module allows the amplification of 7 consecutive channels (to be specified with the module's order).
Perfect format for headend mounting, with additional T12-series amplifiers.

RED compliant

Ref. 508612
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EAN13: -
  • Modular system that eases extension, custom configuration, and amplifier replacement
  • Very high gain (adjustable)

Main features
  • Mounting on DIN rail, case or rack
  • Provided with all the elements required for commissioning (jumpers, power supply patch cords, etc.)


T12 series: Single-channel amplification

The evolution of single-channel amplification results in the advanced T12 product line.
This series brings together the experience gained by Televes ever since the introduction of its first single-channel module with Z connection system in the market, back in 1981. The result is an end product that provides an unbeatable performance in terms of signal processing, with precise and simple frequency settings.

T.12 modules are manufactured in new generation automated lines, and undergo the most stringent quality controls, a guarantee of unprecedented reliability and stability. Designed for adaptation, the T12 series is always the most flexible solution for the relocations entailed by the digital dividend: a product with the LTE-Ready seal.

T12 series features

  • Full compatibility with the previous T03 model and its power supply
  • Highly reliable, thanks to its fully automated manufacturing
  • Significant enhancement of the shielding design, with a Zamak chassis
  • Power supply of up to 24 modules, thanks to a power supply the size of one module
  • Remote powering of pre-amplifiers or BOSS system by means of a switch

Frequency margin MHz 470...890
Bandwidth MHz CCIR 8→56
NTSC 6→48
Gain dB 50
Gain regulation 30
AGC dynamic margin-
Equalizer -
Max.output level dBμV A EN 50083-5 125→111
D EN 50083-5 118→102
dBmV A EN 50083-5 65→51
D EN 50083-5 58→42
Max. current input mA 100
Power supply
Vdc 24
Current consumpt mA 95
Flatness dB <3
Rejection CCIR dB Rn±1 >3
Rn±2 >25
Rn±3 >45
NTSC Rn±1 -
Rn±2 >20
Rn±3 >40
Protection Level IP 20