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Splitting Terminal Enclosure

Splitting Terminal Enclosure

Open Main Terminal panel open for data and coaxial Distribution

Open Main Terminal panel open for data and coaxial Distribution

Data/Coaxial/fibre Terminal Enclousure with flexible front frame

Coaxial, data, telephone and optical fibre cable

Designed to house the equipment separating the user's network from the community's. Designed to be placed in the Network Termination Equipment (NTE), it works as a enclosure that houses the different technologies; can be manipulated by the user.
The frame is independent of the chassis, which facilitates its installation without damaging the frame or the door.

Ref. 546701
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EAN13: 8424450178072
  • Robust: made of steel.
  • Simplifies on-site installation: equipped with a front frame, separated from the chassis
  • Pre-marked inputs for an easy opening: 16 inputs for 32mm-tube and 16 inputs for 20mm-tube
  • Up to 8cm depth, that makes it suitable to be embedded also on non-load-bearing partition walls (with thickness 8-12cm)
  • Perforated door for better ventilation with an ABS locking tab (can be manually operated by the user)
  • MDF board for product bolting (dimensions: 520x420x12mm)

Main features
  • Lacquered white
  • Equipped with a lock to avoid external manipulation
  • Interchangeable door (left or right hinge)
  • Chassis with lateral tabs that allows its fixing on the wall while the mortar is being applied
  • Includes a ground connection between the door and the chassis