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Satellite Kit 830 digital

Ref. 793101 + Ref. 7475 + Ref. 717402

The kit consists of:

Ref. 793101: ISD 830 aluminium satellite dish
Offset aluminium satellite dish for the reception of satellite signals. Provides an outstanding performance against corrosion, thanks to the aluminium reflector and the stainless steel screws. The structure was designed to make the mounting easier.

Ref. 7475: Single LNB offset (universal)
Single universal LNB converter, equipped with a single output and the four polarity/band combinations (Hh, Hl, Vh, Vl).

Ref. 717402: HD Satellite Receiver
It allows the reception of TV and radio FTA (Free To Air) satellite services. SCR I (EN50494), SCR II (EN50607) and "Legacy" mode support. The receiver stands out for its small and compact design, and its easy and friendly user interface.

Ref. 7506
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EAN13: 8424450075067