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Single-mode patch cords (SM G.657.A2)

Cables and patch-cords Single-mode patch cords (SM G.657.A2)

Optical connectors and polishing:

Optical connectors are fundamental elements in fiber installations, since they allow coupling and aligning fibers with receivers and transmitters, quickly and easily. The different types of connectors differ in their format and fixing mode, and it is essential to guarantee the mechanical coupling of the ends that are connected to each other, always facing connectors of the same type: FC to FC, SC to SC, LC to LC.
The most frequently used types of optical connectors are as follows:

  • FC Connector (Ferrule Connector): It has a round shape and is threaded to provide a very resistant fastening. Its most frequent application is in high vibration environments, as it ensures the firmness of the connection
  • SC Connector (Square Connector or Standard Connector): With square format and Push&Pull type snap-fit, it offers fast and reliable fastening. In addition, it is easily detachable from the connection as it is coupled in a straight line
  • LC Connector (Lucent Connector or Little Connector): Its format is square and small with Push&Pull type adjustment. It has a click tab that secures the fit, similar to an RJ45. It is half the width of an SC connector, in fact, the space occupied by an SC Simplex connector is equivalent to that of an LC Duplex connector

Furthermore, optical connectors include a ceramic or plastic ferrule that protects and aligns the fiber when inserted into the female end. This ferrule is polished and the user must ensure that the polish type of the other end is compatible, to guarantee a connection with the lowest possible light loss.
The different polishes that may be found are as follows:

  • APC polishing (Angle Physical Contact): has an angled cut of 8º, and is only compatible with other APC polishes
  • PC polishing (Physical Contact): has a convex cut, and is compatible with other convex polishes, such as PC and also UPC
  • UPC polishing (Ultra Physical Contact): has a convex cut, thinner than PC, and is therefore compatible with both PC and UPC polishing

With FC/UPC connectors

FC/UPC: FC connector (threaded) and UPC polishing (Ultra Physical contact)