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“F” Power Supply Unit

“F” Power Supply Unit

“F” Power Supply Unit

24 V - 130 mA, 2 outputs

Domestic 24 V-power supply (130 mA) that powers equipment through the input coaxial cable while allowing the transmission of the TV signal. Included in the installation to power either mast amplifiers or a BOSS system. Furthermore, it is equipped with two outputs.

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  • High-performance switched-mode power supply: saves up to 40% power consumption
  • Low-impact visual design and limited size
  • “F” connectors
  • Fully automated manufacturing, subject to the most stringent quality controls

Main features
  • Can be wall-mounted using screws
  • Through losses may vary depending on whether 1 or 2 outputs are used

Frequency margin MHz 5 - 862
Through loss 1 out dB Main: 1,5 typ. / Aux: ---
2 out Main: 4 typ. / Aux: 4 typ.
Output Interstage equalizers V --- 24
Max. output current mA 130
Min. output current mA 30
Mains volt. 207-253 V~ 50/60Hz
Consumpt máx. mA~ 35
Protection Level IP 20
Working temperature ºC -10 ... +45
Plug type EU

Any 12 V or 24 V power supply unit may be used to feed a DAT HD BOSS antenna.
Not always. Among the devices provided with the Dinova antenna, there is actually a power supply unit. In case of an installation that includes distribution, an active power supply may be required, since the gain it provides allows for the distribution of the signal towards multiple reception points. However, for installations involving just a receiver and an adapter (portable installations), a zAs adapter could power the Dinova antenna without the need for an extra power supply.