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Class A++ coaxial cable lead

Class A++ coaxial cable lead

Class A++ coaxial cable lead

Class A++ coaxial cable lead

Class A++ coaxial cable lead

IEC male-female compression connectors

coaxial cable lead pre-connected with IEC compression connectors, male connector on one end (ref. 3818) and female connector on the other (ref. 3819). Made of SK2000plus cable (ref. 4138xx), a Class A++-coaxial cable with triple shielded.
Suitable for professional use, besides the regular use in the connection between outlet and TV devices.
Supplied in an individual bag with hanger.
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Ref. 3852 1.5 m (30-unit box)
Ref. 385201 3 m (20-unit box)
Ref. 385202 5 m (15-unit box)
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  • Copper coaxial cable conductors
  • Triple shielded, class A++. Eca Euroclass

Main features
  • White-colour external PVC sheath
  • Available in different lengths


Class A++ Trishield (TSH) coaxial cable

With three shielding layers (Trishield), this cables provide the highest immunity to interference thanks to its very high shielding. Recommended in cases of high electromagnetic noise levels.

They belong in EN 50117 standard Class A++, according to their structural properties:

  • For 5 MHz - 30 MHz => TI < 0.9 mΩ/m
  • For 30 MHz - 1000 MHz => SA > 105 dB
  • For 1000 MHz - 2000 MHz => SA > 95 dB
  • For 2000 MHz - 3000 MHz => SA > 85 dB

Where the transfer impedance (TI) defines how effective the shielding is at low frequencies, while the shielding attenuation (SA) defines it in the 30 MHz-to-3000 MHz range.

StandardEN 50117-2-4
Inner conductor Diametermm1.02
Inner conductor MaterialCopper (Cu)
Inner conductor ResistanceΩ/km < 22
Dielectric Diametermm4.6
Dielectric MaterialFoam polyethylene (PEE)
Dielectric ColorWhite RAL 9003
Overlapped foilAluminium + Polyester + Aluminium
Braid MaterialTinned copper (CuSn)
Braid dimensions: No. of carriers (Nc)24
Braid Dimensions: No. of strands per carrier (Ns)7
Braid Dimensions: strand diameter (Ø)mm0.1
Braid ResistanceΩ/km < 10.5
Braid Coverage%82
2nd foilYes
2nd foil glued to the dielectricNo
Anti-migrating filmNo
Outer sheath Diametermm6.7
Outer sheath MaterialPVC
Outer sheath Thicknessmm0.3
Minimum bending radiusmm33.55
Transfer impedance (5-30MHz)mΩ/m < 0.9
1GHz shieldingdB > 105
Connector type 1"IEC" Male Compression
Connector type 2"IEC" Female Compression
Spark TestVac3000
Velocity ratio%84
Operating temperature°C -30 ... 70
5 MHz47 MHz54 MHz90 MHz200 MHz500 MHz698 MHz800 MHz862 MHz950 MHz1000 MHz1220 MHz1350 MHz1750 MHz2050 MHz2150 MHz2200 MHz2300 MHz2400 MHz3000 MHz
Attenuation (typ.)dB/m
0.02 0.05 0.05 0.06 0.09 0.14 0.17 0.19 0.19 0.19 0.21 0.22 0.25 0.28 0.3 0.31 0.31 0.32 0.33 0.36