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Double shielding - Class B

Conventional coaxial cables Double shielding - Class B

Double-shielded Class B coaxial cable

They provide two shielding layers and belong in EN 50117 standard Class B, according to their structural properties:

  • For 5 MHz - 30 MHz => TI < 15 mΩ/m
  • For 5 MHz - 1000 MHz => SA > 75 dB
  • For 1000 MHz - 2000 MHz => SA > 65 dB
  • For 2000 MHz - 3000 MHz => SA > 55 dB

Where the transfer impedance (TI) defines how effective the shielding is at low frequencies, while the shielding attenuation (SA) defines it in the 30 MHz-to-3000 MHz range.

Copper / copper clad aluminium

Copper inner conductor and copper-clad aluminium outer conductor

  • The copper inner conductor and the aluminium braid provide an excellent frequency response and an outstanding flexibility
  • The copper-clad aluminium braid has an outstanding electric resistance and provides flexibility, improving malleability

Copper clad aluminium /aluminium

Copper-clad steel inner conductor and aluminium outer conductor

  • The copper-clad steel inner conductor has a good mechanical behaviour
  • The aluminium braid has a higher electric resistance and provides flexibility, improving malleability