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Headend controller CDC

Ref. 5059

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The headend controller allows remote control of a headend by using an external modem connected to the phone line or local control by connecting a PC directly to the headend controller.

The offered services are:

  • Remote programming of devices.
  • Headend’s state monitorization
  • Upload the configuration of the headend from a PC.
  • Generate a private TV channel.
  • State screen information of the headend devices.
References 5059
Devices management
Max. number of devices in the bus 254
Bus control RS485, 3 thread
OSD Management
Headend information screen 4 screen max.
Programmable data screen 4 screen max.
Delay between sreens programmable
Modem connection
External modem serie, compatible AT 9600 baud
Transmition speed 9600 baud
RF VSB Output
Output frequency MHz 46-862 (or list of channels)
Frequency steps kHz 250
Max. output level dBμV 80±5 (programmable)
  dB 15
USWR Output 14 typ.
Bypass losses <1.5
Spurious dBc 60 typ.
TV standard PAL / NTSC
Consumption A (Vdc) 0.6 (5); 0.2 (15)
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